Fixed Annuities
This annuity provides a guaranteed interest rate for a fixed period of time, based on the ability of insurer to pay,. Rates paid to you are periodically adjusted up or down but will never below guaranteed rate.

Variable Annuities
This annuity allows an insurance company to invest your money, which they return to you, usually after retirement in consistent regular payments. It is tax deferred, until you take the money out. Your contribution may be in one large sum or made in a series of payments. Potential returns may be higher due to more options for investing your money, but the risks may be greater.

Immediate Annuities
If you desire to receive payments within one month or up to twelve months from your purchase date, then this is the annuity for you. You choose payment option and frequency of payments.

Indexed Annuities
This annuity is popular because of its growth potential with less risk. It earns interest on the potential upward movement of an equity index and has a minimum interest rate, which protects the annuity when there is a poor market.

Market Value-Adjusted Annuities
This annuity has the potential to provide higher interest rates than the traditional fixed annuity. Premiums are spread over different contract periods. Interest rates determine the total value when you withdraw cash.

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